Happy Birthday Littlest

My dear, gorgeous and happy little Nate,

Was it really 2 years ago, that daddy and I went to hospital and within 2 hours we were holding you in our arms? It’s hard to believe that 2 years have passed.

You really kept us going for weeks before you arrived.  You even landed me in hospital with pretend labour!  You were a mischief then and you are a mischief still.  I should have realised back then that you were going to be a little whirlwind.  I was the first person to hold you… nobody had even touched you before I held you in my arms. 

Ollie meets you for the first time, a few hours after you were born.

Ollie meets you for the first time, a few hours after you were born.

You have been our littlest boy for 2 years and we are so proud of you.  You’re happy and independent, clever and confident.  You smile, A LOT and your giggle is so wonderful.  You aren’t big or tall for your age but your personality is really something!  You are fearless and friendly.  You make me and daddy and Ollie smile so much and when I think of all you’ve accomplished in your little two years, I can’t believe how much of a blink of an eye the time has been.  Every day I’ve spent with you, I’ve loved.

It was only recently that I realised that you are no longer a baby… you’re not even a toddler.  You are a little boy! Ollie loves having you as his brother and you love having him.  You are best friends but sometimes you get on each others nerves.  But we all bug the people we love right?  How did I get lucky enough to have two perfect, happy, healthy little boys.

You on your first birthday.

You on your first birthday.

You have left behind many of the things that were babyish.  You sit at the table rather than in a highchair, you drink from a cup instead of a beaker or bottle, you sleep in bunk beds with Ollie and your cot is stored away in the spare room.  You still have you dummy though… not sure when we are going to tackle that, we might leave that up to you.  Potty training is next haha!  Maybe in the summer!

Your words are coming along so so well!  You say bye bye in the sweetest voice and the way you say Ollie, makes all of us grin and even if there is a word that you cannot say, you give it a go.  Just today you learnt to say yoghurt (Oger).  You know so many animal noises (miaow is definitely my favourite) and you know where each part of your body is.  Also, you can reach your feet to your mouth and you nibble your toes when I change your nappy because you know it’ll make me laugh.

Your favourite things are ANYTHING with wheels, in particular trains (which you call chooch)… diggers and unlike your brother, you LOVE to snuggle soft toys.  You love lego and playmobil and you really enjoy playing with the toys that are Ollie’s rather than your own toys.  I guess you like the toys that have tiny pieces.  

You, just a couple of weeks before your second birthday.

You, just a couple of weeks before your second birthday.

You are creative, just like Ollie was at your age and you spend a good part of an hour sitting still and painting or drawing or playing with playdoh.  You look more like me than Ollie does… Ollie is the double of daddy but you all have the same hair colour.

Keep being the amazing little boy you are.  You and your brother really are the excitement in our home.  I love you little one.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Littlest

  1. K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy says:

    Aww…Happy Belated Birthday to Nate! I’m telling you time passes by so fast. My little ones are 4 and 2.5 and some days, I feel like I blinked and here they were.Stopping by from our SITS Girls tribe to say hello and that I’m looking forward to getting to know you in the coming weeks and months ahead!


  2. Allison B says:

    Very sweet post. But I laughed a little too hard at the potty training line. Only because that was hands down the worst part of having a toddler for me. Happy Birthday to your little guy.


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