2013 In Review Part 1 (January – June)


I started off January of 2013 with a list of goals/ resolutions.  9 to be exact.  We also had a small party on New Years Day with the boys because they are always asleep when it turns midnight.  It was a lot of fun!  We suffered from quite a few bouts of sickness… asthma, chest infections… blah! Unfortunately it would seem that my boys were blessed with my awful lungs!  I contemplated starting Slimming World… and then I did start it! Ollie started Squirrels… and Nate turned ONE! We had a party for him at home and lots of family and friends came. It really felt strange knowing that the last baby I would have, had just turned one and I’d never have a BABY baby again.  I smashed my Nikon D3100 at Nate’s birthday party. Luckily I was still able to take photos, I just couldn’t see them on the screen.  It snowed and then it snowed even more and we got to finally build snowmen and take out the sledge to go down the massive hill beside our house.  Nate wasn’t overly impressed with his first experience of snow but Ollie loved it, especially the fact that it got him a day off school!  Nate took a couple of steps!!!!  My blog turned 5 and James turned 33!  We went to Nando’s to celebrate and I also baked him an awesome cake!


In the first week of February, Ollie brought home the Pupil Of The Week Award and the Star Pupil Award!  We were so very proud of him, especially as the week previous he had been on the thunder cloud twice!  We went on a road trip to Dublin to visit my dad and his girlfriend Lisa for a few days and to meet Lisa’s two boys.  It was so lovely to get away from home for a few days.  I tried horsemeat when I was there and we had a dander around Dublin… oh oh oh and on the way to Dublin, I got a new camera.  A Nikon D3200.  We celebrated both Pancake day and Valentine’s day with firstly pancakes…. and on Valentine’s Day I made the men in my life each a card and love heart cookies with sprinkles.  Everyone got another chest infection.  We stayed at my mum’s house for two nights while James worked away in Scotland on business and I decided I didn’t like single parenting part time and thought going to my mums would be a much nicer way to spend the time. Ollie made his Squirrels promise.  We went to the museum for what should have been an awesome day but ended with a trip to A&E because Nate’s pram toppled and he split his lip. Never felt like a worse mummy ever.  I passed my driving theory test!


I started March off with a girl-date with my bestie.  Nate started walking properly… and he looked so cute doing it.  You could see the pride in his little face.  Hubby was still working away in Scotland 2 days a week.  Grim!  Nate took a reaction to his MMR vaccination.  It was world book day at Ollie’s school so he went dressed as the boy from Polar Express… in his pyjamas!  We celebrated Mother’s Day.  I had my mum over the night before, to cook her dinner and watch a movie and then on the Sunday I hung out with my best boys.  I woke to the sound of Ollie serenading my on the guitar.  I started putting a little effort into my photography and did a couple of photo shoots. Ollie went to a Mad Hatter’s tea party at Squirrels.  It snowed again… in March.  School was off the cards for a couple more days.  Nate started to independently feed himself and he got his first proper pair of shoes.  We celebrated Easter with 2 huge baskets of treats from the Easter bunny and a gorgeous dinner out at Il Pirata with the inlaws.


We had an amazing Easter meal at mum and Harry’s house… mash, cabbage and ham. My mum never fails to feed us amazing food!  Another chest infection for each of the boys. Seriously.  I had 10 people for a birthday dinner for my brother Ryan’s birthday.  We went for a stroll on the beach… it was windy and freezing.  Also during April, I developed a deep desire to be at someone’s birth haha!  I even wrote a post about it.  Nobody came forward to say they’d like me there though. Oh well!  I did a Handling Children’s Behaviour course which turned out to be really good.  It was so nice to talk frankly about behaviour management with a group of mums my own age.  It lasted 5 weeks and really changed my way of thinking.  I got a couple of fillings in my teeth my friend Hannah and her daughter Lilly came for a spur of the moment sleepover.  I’ve known Hannah since we were babies!!  I took Nate swimming for the first time.  He wasn’t impressed with it.  Ollie had a Pirate party at Squirrels.  He also started football at school… the start of a 5 week class.  I did a million hours of driving lessons on an intensive course.  As a family we went to the Lisburn swimming pool and we HAD A BLAST.


At the start of May we had an audiology appointment for Ollie which concluded that he had glue ear.  There was nothing they can do after first diagnosis…. we had to wait some weeks to see if it cleared itself.  I tried 30 Day Shred, and almost died.  Not really, but almost.  We also signed up to Netflix.  We saw a little bit of sunshine and I did some more driving lessons and theeeeen I failed my driving test.  Grim, but on a more positive note, James and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary, went out for an amazing meal and I also fitted into my wedding dress, which had been a goal since the start of the year.  Nate got a tummy bug and puked for a few days.  One time happened to be when we were in the car one our way to see friends.  At the end of May, Ollie participated in his school sports day and he did so well.  So full of fun and so much confidence.


So June was pretty busy and exciting.  We started the month off with a road trip to Bangor by train… Ollie’s suggestion.  It was an awesome day out. My biggest boy then turned 5!  We gave him a lovely party with friends at Funtastic.  The weather took a turn and it was finally warm enough to put out the paddling pool…. and I got some shorts!  I got an iPhone 5 and we spent a lovely Sunday at my mum and Harry’s house in the sun with a BBQ and the paddling pool out.  We then celebrated a lovely Father’s Day with a trip to Starbucks and a local cafe for a fry up.  Ollie made some new friends who were a little older than him and he wished for more independence… it made for some scary mummy moments.  I was shortlisted for a blog award, but unfortunately that is as far as I got.  Ollie got to go on a school trip to Exploris Aquarium!  James and I had an awesome date night to see World War Z and a meal of Mexican food and then Ollie got a glowing end of year report for P1.  Then school was over!  Also in June, I started taking panic attacks and one day a stranger stopped at the bus stop to tell me I had a wonderful smile and asked what I was smiling about!

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