Christmas Eve 2013

Christmas this year went by in the blink of an eye!  It is shocking really, how long it takes for the day to come around…time just drags for the month of December… and then when it does… ZAP… gone.

This year was great… as every year is and it all started on Christmas Eve, which by tradition, we spend at my mum and Harry’s house.  This year we went over at about 3.30pm after collecting my brother and this year Marcie came too.  Much to Ollie’s surprise, Elfie Glitterbutt also snuck into the car and appeared on Grandma’s bookshelf!

Mum had lovingly prepared her special recipe Parsnip soup and we devoured that along with yummy garlic bread and cheese straws that James made.  Everyone appreciated the warm bowl of yum to fill tums and warm us all up.

After we finished our soup we headed into the living room to relax together.  Mum got a couple of new DVDs so we put on The Velveteen Rabbit… who knew it was going to be so sad (but happyish… but sad)?  Anyway, in the middle of the movie Ollie got a phone call from Santa Clause.  He is super lucky and Santa calls him every Christmas.

ALSO, during the movie we went outside and saw the International Space Station cross in the sky above.  Such a special event… I heard on the news that it would be clear in the sky at approx 6pm and I nearly forgot.  I called Ollie out and asked him “Who is that?” and pointed.  He replied “Jesus?” and then when I told him no…. and asked who would be coming tonight he exclaimed “SANTA”!  Thereafter we had a very excited child.

My mum then brought out marshmallows for us to toast at the fire.  This is the first year that Ollie has been able to toast them himself.  Delicious.

We soon noticed a pile of presents beside the front door and a note left by Elfie, telling us that he would be going home with Santa tonight, that both boys made it onto the NICE list and to enjoy the parcels he left behind.  As per tradition, the parcels contained new pyjamas for all of us! Yay!  We got the boys changed.

Before going home, mum read The Night Before Christmas to the boys and they sat silently listening… getting tired.  We then tucked them up in the car and drove home. By the time we arrived home, Ollie was fast asleep and didn’t want to do anything but go to bed.  I had to do Santa’s snack plate myself, not to mention the needful sprinkling of reindeer food on the path outside the house.

James and I relaxed with the TV and a cheeseboard and waited until we were certain that the boys were asleep before filling their sacks.  These sacks were then rested agains the end of the bed ready for the boys in the morning.  

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