Ollie, The Dove!

This years school play was very exciting for Ollie because THIS year, he had a speaking part!  He had the part of a a dove in his school’s slightly different nativity story, told from the point of view of the birds flying above.

I had the task of making his costume and I had no idea how I would go about making a Dove costume but as the note said to keep the costumes simple and not elaborate, I decided to dress him in a white long sleeved top, grey tracksuit bottoms, a pair of angel wings and a mask I made out of cardboard.  I think it turned out ok!

Tickets are allocated to parents first of all and then if there are any tickets left, they are given out on a first come, first served basis!  I managed to get tickets for James and I and also for my mum and I! Mum and I went on the Tuesday and James and I went on the Thursday.  Both days that we saw him, he was fantastic on stage and Nate also loved being there to see his brother.

His play included all the kids from P1 and P2… P1s were all dressed as animals, angels and stars.  When the children all sang together, my eyes filled with tears.  I am a total sop.  I must say that Ollie’s school really do put their all into singing… both in the school play and in the carol service that we went to the following week.

I love the confidence this kid has.  I love how he gets nervous but stands up tall and brave and does his thing without so much as a hesitation.  He know he gets nervous but also knows that he feels awesome afterwards.  

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