Elf Takeover Week 4

I can’t believe it is Christmas Eve already.  December went so fast!!  The boys (Ollie in particular) have loved having Elfie here to stay.  Each day, Ollie woke and the first thing he would do would be to go and find Elfie Glitterbutt and see what he had got up to!  It was hard to think of ideas every day, but here are the things he got up to this week.

He grabbed one of James’ markers and wrote on our mirror to let us know how many more sleeps it was until Christmas.  We found him hanging on the top of it, still holding the pen.

He left a note telling Ollie to plant some tictacs. 

When Ollie got home, he found that the tictacs had grown into candy canes

Elfie lovingly arranged a coin hunt in the living room for the boys when Ollie got home from school.  There were still some coins hidden the next day which they hadn’t spotted yet.

He spelled the boys names out in Cheerios for them to find one morning.

…and while he was at the Cheerios, decided to make himself some Elf donuts! So cute 🙂

We also found him in the bathroom having made a swing out of a toilet roll!

This morning, we found that he had once again been at the toilet roll!  He rolled down the stairs in it and then covered the tree in it!

As it is his last day here, he returns to the North Pole when Santa visits tonight, he is sure to leave a surprise for us all before we go to bed.  I think it might be Christmas pyjamas for each of us…. haha!  We will see.

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