Building, Baking And A Cookie Swap

Building a Gingerbread house was on our Winter/ Christmas bucket list this year.  I hadn’t ever put one together before and instead of baking my own (I’m not a huge fan of gingerbread normally) I bought the Ikea one… it just needs put together and then decorated.

I gathered up a few treats to stick to the house including marshmallows, sprinkles, fruit snacks, Cadbury pebbles, icing and flaked almonds.  Half of these snacks were eaten before we even got to the decorating of the house!

It took a little longer than I expected, to decorate the house but it was fun and super therapeutic!  Ollie lasted only half an hour before he went off to do some lego.  I COVERED that darn house haha!  I’m sure there wasn’t an inch of it left bare.  I was pleased with the end result, as was Ollie, who kept asking when we could eat it.

I had read about having a cookie exchange, from someone else’s blog and thought it sounded like an awesome idea, so I got on the phone to some friends of mine and Ollie’s and we organised a night the next week to hang out, have cookies, drink milk and watch a Christmas movie!  I also put the boys in Christmas jumpers.

Finally, an occasion to show off our gingerbread house (and maybe eat it too?).  I decided to make both peanut butter reindeer cookies (using pretzels as antlers) and swirl sugar cookies.  

Ollie’s friends stared to arrive and so did the cookies… we put them on plates in the dining room and provided a big jug of milk for the kids to sip/ dunk.  As the gingerbread house was on the table, Ollie kept asking when we might eat it.

Other cookies that friends brought with them included sugar cookies dipped in dark chocolate, stained glass sugar cookies, melted snowman cookies, white chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, gingerbread men and rice krispie buns!  The kids had a blast picking and choosing and filling their plates.

They carried their full plates into the living room where they sat and watched The Snowman.

After the movie, I let the kids back into the dining room to demolish the gingerbread house.  Oh how they demolished it!!! There was not a piece left standing.  They smashed and picked and giggled.

Of course, us mummies didn’t go without!  We too devoured cookie after cookie… and even though we ate a ton, there were still a lot left over so we decided to divide these all up between each of us and take them home.  It was lovely having a plate filled with a selection of very different cookies!

Ollie and Nate definitely had fun and I hope everyone else did too!  I’m so glad we did something different this year and I think we will have a cookie swap party next year but put more advance planning into it.  I didn’t give anyone much notice when I arranged this one!

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