Helloooooo Santa!

Today the boys saw Santa… for the second time this Christmas (they also saw him with my mum and stepdad at the start of December). I dressed them in cute matching jumpers which Ollie thought was a great novelty.

Let me say here that Ollie was disappointed this year with his Santa present from the Santa in Castlecourt.  His face fell when he opened it haha.  I asked him what was wrong and he explained with a fallen face, that the item he received was not on his list and he really had hoped to get something he asked for.  I explained that this was a sneaky treat and his list presents don’t come until Christmas!  He perked up then.  He is going to have a blast on Christmas morning. I know it!!

Nate was dubious… he would not smile… but he didn’t cry!  When we first got round the corner to see Santa, I asked him would he like to sit on Santa’s knee and he replied “no”.  Then he reached his arms up to Santa… sat on his knee and looked pissed off haha. Ah well. 

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