Does This Dog Look Angelic?

Look at that face!  How sweet is Miss Marcie Moo?  What a gorgeous and angelic looking little pup.  You’d be wrong in your thinking if you think she looks as if she could do no wrong.

A few nights ago, I tied 28 chocolate decorations to the tree.  I put them all over, evenly spaced… some obvious, some hidden closer to the inside of the tree… some plain milk chocolate and some filled with caramel.  I was so excited for Ollie and Nate to wake the next day and realise that all those new decorations actually contained something yummy.  My excitement was short lived.

The next day I thought to myself that the tree looked a little bare, so I moved the decorations around a little… a few hours later I noticed again that it looked bare in parts. The next time I went into the room, I saw Marcie on the sofa, nose stuffed right into the tree and she turned around when she heard me…. she was licking her lips.  The little butthead of a dog!

Does she not know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs?? I told her off and put her outside.  I let her know she did something wrong.  Did this stop her from doing it again? Nope.  I caught her doing the same thing 3 times.  Now there are 6 chocolates left on the tree… way up high… neither Marcie or the boys can reach those ones.  SIX.  Out of TWNETY-EIGHT!  The boys maybe have had a couple, I had one… James hasn’t had any…Marcie ummmmm…………………

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