Elf Takeover Week 3

So, there is only one week left of having Elfie Glitterbutt to stay at our house!  The days have gone by so fast for December and I can’t believe this time next week, the kids will be in bed and we will be getting Christmas day ready!

The boys (mainly Ollie) are still really enjoying having Elfie around… and the notes he leaves.  This week he got up to some mischief that Ollie found hilarious, but I think we need to up our game for the last week! 

Last week we found Elfie had used our Christmas blocks to make himself a chair in prime position for viewing the tv… he drank the last of the juice in the fridge and helped himself to some microwave popcorn.  When we checked what it was that he was watching, we found out he was enjoying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

He enjoyed playing cards with some friends…

On one day, Ollie came home from school to find that Elfie had wrapped up the television for us… complete with ribbon… 

…and on another day, Elfie decided he was bored of normal white milk and changed it to orange (with food colouring).  Ollie thought this was funny and insisted I put the orange milk on his breakfast.  I put it on Nate’s too… I could see a little confusion in his eyes. Haha!

A couple of nights ago, instead of being naughty, Elfie decided to do something nice! He put a ton of Christmas chocolate decorations on the tree for the boys.  

By this morning, Elfie was up to mischief again and Ollie came downstairs to find that Elfie had wrapped his school snack for him… a pear and a banana… nicely wrapped.  I asked Ollie did he want me to unwrap them before he went to school but he wanted me to leave them as they were.  He came home and let us know that his classmates thought it was funny.

Today Ollie came home to find Elfie hiding… even though a glass is not a very good place to hide considering how see transparent it is!

So… putting my mind to some things Elfie can get up to next week… 

3 thoughts on “Elf Takeover Week 3

  1. Jocelyn Reading says:

    I love that he wrapped the TV – that made me laugh! A lot of people are talking about upping their game in this final week – will be fun to see what everyone comes up with! Thanks for linking up with #ElfTakeover


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