Elf Takeover Week 2

Ollie and Nate have been really enjoying having Elfie being here.  I love that Ollie wakes or comes home from school excited and the first thing he does is look for him and then goes to read the note he has left.

Now for some Elf drama!  There was a day last week that Elfie fell from his hiding place and Nate PICKED HIM UP.  Ollie was devastated because he knew this meant that Elfie powers would disappear.  Luckily, we got him into the freezer on time and by the next morning, Elfie was good as new and back getting into mischief!

Here are some of the things that Elfie got up to this week:

Elfie climbed into the fridge and was sat there when Ollie came home from school and went looking for a snack.  Elfie wrote in his note to the boys, that he comes from the North Pole, where it is always cold, and he was too warm here so went to cool down!

Ollie came down in the morning to find that Elfie had tried to make himself a midnight snack… in doing so he had managed to get himself stuck inside the Rice Krispie box!

He made snow angels in the sugar… what a pain in the bum that was to clean up! Haha!

Ollie came home from school to find that Elfie had helped himself to the boys chocolate advent calendars!  He had already eaten half of one chocolate and was about to tuck into the second when we found him.

Elfie left a note for Ollie and Nate yesterday, explaining that they could find him somewhere up high, because he had to hide from Marcie who spent the morning chasing him around the house.

Today, Ollie will come home from school to the following scene on the table!  Elfie has been hard at work cutting out paper snowmen and trees so that Ollie and Nate can decorate them with all the supplies he has left out

I am so enjoying this tradition… it forces me to use my imagination and that’s a good thing!!  I think I could do with planning ahead a little so that I am not rushing to think of things right before I go to bed.

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