A Year Ago…

This week, a year ago, I took these photos of the boys:

It was Nate’s first Christmas and he was a month away from turning one.  Ollie was fast learning what it meant to be a good big brother and he was excited to share Christmas with his little brother.

This year, Nate is a month off turning two… he is a lot more independent, Ollie is 5 1/2 and the two of them are such good friends.  This Christmas is different to last Christmas because Nate is so much more aware!  He says “WOW” anytime he sees lights or a tree and he has started pointing Santa out wherever he sees him.  Ollie again, is excited to share the festivities with Nate.  I know they are both going to be so excited on Christmas day.

A couple of days ago I took Christmas tree photos of the boys, because we normally put one into our Christmas cards.  It’s just a tradition we have.  This time, there is a new addition in our photos… little Marcie.  

Ooooooh how these boys have grown.  They grow so fast.  Sometimes I just want to stop time.

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