Our Winter Bucketlist!

Christmas is definitely my favourite season.  I don’t normally like the cold, but when it is December, I don’t mind so much… I love the lights, the warmth inside the house, the trees, snow… I also love when Ollie gets off school because we have 2 whole weeks to spend together as a family.

I am doing the same as I do most years, and putting together a list of things I would like to do this Christmas.  It take a long time for actual Christmas day to come around… so in the meantime we fill the house with fun Christmassy things we can do in the days leading up to Christmas!  I might involve Elfie the Elf, in planning out some of these activities and let him suggest them to the boys through his daily notes to them.

Here is our list for December 2013!

  • Take Christmas card photo of the boys beside the tree.
  • Go and see ‘The Polar Express’ on the big screen!
  • Visit Santa with Nanny and then visit Santa with Grandma and Grampa.
  • Have a ‘Home Alone’ movie night complete with hot chocolate and treats.
  • Go on a night time walk to see other trees and lights in the street.
  • Write Santa letter!
  • Make salt dough decorations.
  • Finish making my Fimo clay nativity!
  • Take Ollie iceskating at Custom House Square.
  • Bake snowman cookies.
  • Make glittery Christmas pictures and snowmen with cotton wool!
  • Make some handmade gifts.
  • Listen to and dance to holiday music.
  • Give a secret gift to a neighbour.
  • Go on a winter ramble.
  • Make a nature ice collage.
  • Make Christmas crackers.
  • Make paper snowmen and snowflakes.
  • Make mince pies.
  • Make reindeer food!
  • Put together a gingerbread house!
  • Read Christmas stories.
  • Try and organise a cookie swap with friends.
  • Make sure that Ollie knows the real story of Christmas.

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