December Is Here And So Is Elfie Glitterbutt!

Yep… it’s that season again… the season where our house is taken over by a crazy, mischievous little elf known as Elfie Glitterbutt.  Elfie arrives in our house (and has done for the last few years) on 1st December and each night he writes a note for the boys and leaves it in a little wooden advent with drawers.  His notes consist of ideas for fun Christmas activities and crafts, but they also let the boys know that he knows exactly what they are getting up to and what he is reporting back to Santa!  Each morning the boys wake to find him somewhere new and usually up to mischief!

So Elfie arrived very very early on Sunday, in time for the boys to wake up to him sitting on the cupboard beside the advent, note in the first drawer… and he brought along a chocolate advent for each of the boys and a doggy one for Marcie too.  He also brought out all our Christmas books!

Last night, while the boys slept, Elfie climbed on the paperchains that took me AGES to hang…. and while climbing them, one fell down.  Haha.  Ollie walked into the living room this morning to find one paperchain hanging from the ceiling and Elfie lying on it… his face was priceless.  Elfie note today this morning though reminded Ollie to please be good because his behaviour hadn’t been particularly good.  The task he left Ollie was to write his Santa list so that Elfie could send it to Santa.  He didn’t get around to it though today.

Tomorrow morning the boys will wake to find Elfie at the top of the tree cuddling the Santa decoration, because he misses Santa Claus and his North Pole home.  It’s always fun seeing the boys walk into the room and try and spot Elfie.  He moves when we are out of the house too, so when Ollie comes home from school he might be in a totally different place.  Closer to Christmas Elfie will start to bring little treats… and on Christmas Eve he normally brings a new pair of pyjamas for each of us all wrapped up!

Elf on the shelf is definitely one of my favourite traditions!

10 thoughts on “December Is Here And So Is Elfie Glitterbutt!

  1. The Reading Residence says:

    I do like his name! He looks very mischievous, and I really like the wooden advent idea with him leaving them notes – that is lovely. Thanks for linking up with #ElfTakeover – looking forward to finding out what he gets up to over the next week!


  2. PODcast says:

    Brilliant! I love that Elfie’s surname is glitterbutt! Sounds like he’s already having lots of fun! We’re struggling a little bit with the rules 🙂


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