Christmas Is Coming!

Some people, at this time of year, are in denial about the fact that Christmas is only 32 days away… I on the other hand, wish the days would go by faster!  Christmas day is one of my favourite days of the year, but the fact that Christmas lasts for more than just one day, that it lasts for a few weeks… anticipation and excitement building…. suspense…. and then Christmas day itself, followed by Boxing day and New Years…. it’s AWESOME!

In just a week, we will be putting up our tree as per tradition.  Our tree always goes up on the 1st December.  The first day of December also marks the day that our Elf On The Shelf arrives!  Elfie Glitterbutt.  It marks the start of a whole month of fun and festivity. Each day we wake to some mischief and a note in the advent tree, written by Elfie… and Elfie in a new hiding place.

Presents are pretty much all bought.  I only have to buy for husband and he for me and that’s us done.  I’m glad I got it finished so early and can relax for the month of December for the most part.  I’m so eager to start wrapping them though… all sat in our spare room… I like to make an evening of it and have mince pies and watch something festive on TV.

I’ve also to take photos for our Christmas card.  Every year we send out a Christmas card which features a photo of the boys wearing something festive.  I mainly do the photo for myself… as a nice keepsake each year, but also like sharing it as our Christmas card with family.

This year, instead of buying an ornament for the tree each as we normally do, we have decided that we will each make one.  Unsure what we are going to make them out of… maybe pine cones and glitter, maybe felt…. or maybe the new Fimo clay I bought to make a Nativity set out of.  We will see! 

32 days……………..

The boys Christmas photo from last year.

The boys Christmas photo from last year.

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