Five Little Things…


Mine and Hubby’s date was so good last week.  It was so nice to have time on our own together.  He has been so busy lately.  We went to Meat In A Bap, but didn’t get the bap this time… instead we opted for the platter and got a couple of sides too.  It was delicious.  After, we went to Starbucks… he had an eggnog latte and I had a salted caramel hot chocolate.  Then it was time for our gig.  We Were Promised Jetpacks were great… but Frightened Rabbit were awesome!  There is nothing I love more than seeing bands I love, live.


I made sausage rolls last weekend!  Yeah!  They were delicious… although Ollie wasn’t keen.  Nate ate his though.  I used shop bought, ready rolled puff pastry… squished sausagemeat and minced beef together, added an egg, salt and pepper, tomato ketchup, a tiny bit of sweet chilli sauce and some cumin… mashed it together and rolled it into a sausage shape in the middle of the pastry!  I then rolled it, cut it and baked it.


My little Marcie Moo is doing so well… I can’t remember if I posted about all the sickness and stress we have been through with her.  She didn’t have the best of beginnings… came from a bad breeder… but we have poured our love into her and she has come on leaps and bounds.  She is a wonderfully happy and gentle dog.  We’ve struck gold with little Marcie, who is not so little anymore!  She is having no trouble putting weight on now!


I am SO ready for it to be Christmas already.  I spent this week decluttering and cleaning the house from top to bottom.  I got rid of 3 big bags of clutter and I can’t wait to put the tree up now.  I am finding that the house is clean, all the presents have been bought… and we are now in a kind of limbo waiting for it to be the 1st Dec.  The 1st Dec is when it gets really interesting!  The Elf arrives and we put up our tree!!  I’m eager to start Christmas crafts and wrapping.  EXCITED.  I also finished my own Christmas list this week and emailed it to hubby.  Last weekend we went to Ikea for some bits and pieces and some decorations and before we went home we went to Hillmount Nursery to see the reindeer that they have at the moment.


Super proud of the fact that I got this dress for £10… A TENNER… on the New Look website.  My dad always takes James, my brothers and I out for dinner to somewhere really nice with he and his girlfriend, Lisa.  That’s in a couple of weekends and we are going to a new restaurant called Howard Street.  Still shaking my head, a tenner!! Now to find some jewellery that goes with it.

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