Five On Friday


I am so very very excited to date my husband tonight.  We are headed out to a gig to see a band called Frightened Rabbit but before that we are going to an excellent place for dinner.  It’s been a long time since we got to have a date night together… and an even longer time since we got to go to a gig together!  EXCITED.


Christmas shopping is WELL underway.  This is as exciting as number 1!  I love Christmas shopping but I don’t love the stress that comes with leaving it all too late, so this year I got stuck in early.  It’s pretty much finished apart from the things I need to get for James and my Mum.  All the adults we buy for and all the children (including my two boys) too… it’s pretty much finished.  Now to work on a Christmas list for myself!


Nate’s words are coming on leaps and bounds this week!  This is more exciting than those other two things haha!  I have been worried for a while that his speech is not progressing at the rate at which it should… but this week has changed my mind!  He now attempts any word I ask him to and comes out with new, perfectly formed words daily.


Part-time single parenting is due to come to an end soon!!  James has been travelling for work for months now but in just a couple more weeks, it will be finished.  I’ll have my husband home!  CAN NOT WAIT. (Post on this coming tomorrow!)


My poor camera has been so neglected lately.  I have a bunch of photos needing edited, a bunch of posts needing written… but with James away so much, it has been on the back-burner.  I promise, I will inundate this blog with super cute photos of my boys and other things soon! 

One thought on “Five On Friday

  1. Sarah Notes says:

    I might just be a little green with envy over your date night!! I have a 2 y/o and a 6 m/o…and it is getting a little ridiculous how long it’s been since we were out on a real date! You will have to let us know how it goes; I hope you have an amazing time 😀


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