An Ollie Update!

I could not be any prouder of my 5 year old… I had a wonderful meeting with his teacher last week and he is loving being in P2.  Everything said in the meeting was very positive apart from the fact that he is a little cheeky… he would sometimes question his teacher when he is asked to do something.  I knew this already… he has got a bit of an atitude… but I am hoping that he will settle down a little.

Apart from his cheeky atitude (which apparently is not a real concern… because his behaviour otherwise is wonderful)… I was told that his imagination was second to none…. and that she would love to see him get his imagination down on paper… he just needs to learn to sit in one place and hold his attention a little longer.  Mrs. Salmon told me that he is a real bright spark and if we can work on his attention, then he may be moved into her top group after the Christmas term!  She said he is one of the first to volunteer for show and tell each week and he is so full of confidence.

I explained to Ollie how well the meeting had gone when we got home and I told him that we need to do a little bit of work on keeping his cheekiness inside, and getting his clever out instead.

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