Big Boy Bedtimes For Nate!

That’s it!  There are no more cots in this house… because there are no more babies, and there will never be again haha!  Nate has moved into the bottom bunk of Ollie’s bed and so far he loves it.  Ollie was so excited on the day that we decided to dismantle the cot and take the plunge with regards to a bed. 

On the first night, Nate took a while to fall asleep… he thought it was hilarious that he could get out of bed to play with his toys… in the PITCH BLACK! 

On the second day, he refused to nap… maybe because his room does not have a black out blind and he could, again, see all his toys and preferred to play. 

This was a blip and eventually it worked itself out.  Nate does now nap in his bed and never gets out at night time.  He seems to sleep better there than he did in his cot and having the cot out of the way has really opened the room!  It seems so much bigger than it was before! and I can’t wait to decorate a little.

He is surely crossing off the milestones… so proud of my littlest chap. 

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