Things I Miss about Being A Kid

I was always excited to have kids, for a few different reasons… but one of the biggest reasons was because I would get to have fun and join in with the things that my kids would be doing… painting, playing playdoh, running around and dancing crazy!  I miss those days of having no responsibility… where life was simple… but I wouldn’t go back.  My life now is crazy fun and I love it. There are moments in my day though where I think, hmmmm… it’d be sure nice to be able to….. (insert thing, that if I were a kid, I’d be able to do, here) .

The first of those things is nap… whenever and wherever.  Gosh!  Nate has the life of luxury… he can sleep wherever and whenever he would like!  We might be out, going to collect Ollie or we might be at home… either way… he can just fall asleep.  A couple of days ago, I lay with him until he fell asleep and honestly, it took ALL the willpower in my body to get out of that bed and get on with my chores.  Ollie doesn’t often nap, but his perk is having a choice!

I miss the days where my responsibilities were few and far between.  I would wake up and I’d be guided around my day… I’d be told what to do, I could just play… go to school… dinner was cooked for me, someone else would do my laundry!  Oh, so simple!

Thirdly, I miss not being able to eat what I wanted.  I hate watching my weight… and my appetite is larger than what my body appreciates it would seem! Haha!

I miss thinking that the world was a really good place and that people were good too.  I think when I was little, we were a lot more sheltered from the news than kids are nowadays.  Items on the front of newspapers are much more graphic than they were when I was little.  They are a perfect height for little kids to see and Ollie has asked me recently about them.  It’s hard to find a way to tell him what is going on in the world… the bad things… His mind is so full of love and innocence, and I hate to ruin his 5 year old view of the world.

Other things I miss about being a kid are having no financial responsibility!  The bank of mum and dad was pretty awesome… I never worried about where my pocket money might come from!  I miss my imagination back then, I miss Santa Claus, the ease of making new friends, girly sleepovers and being tucked in at night time.  Ah to go back in time… 🙂   

5 thoughts on “Things I Miss about Being A Kid

  1. Kat says:

    All of these are great. I have to admit adult naps are pretty awesome too. Every once in awhile one will sneak up on me and even if it’s only for 20 minutes, they’re so wonderful!


  2. corlie says:

    Hi, I am visiting from SITS today, few days late but better late than never! I miss being able to just run, everywhere, all the time, not to get tired! That boundless energy is something I would love to reclaim.Thanks for sharing!


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