Ollie and Nate at Halloween (through the years so far)

2008: Ollie was just 5 months when his first Halloween came around. We didn’t do very much but we DID dress him in a skeleton onesie that had glow in the dark bones on!

2009: For his second Halloween, when he was just 16 months, we dressed him in a mummy onesie.

2010: Ollie was almost 2 1/2 on his 3rd Halloween and again we put him in a glow in the dark, skeleton onesie.

2011: For his 4th Halloween, Ollie chose his costume himself and decided to not go as something stereotypically Halloween related… but rather as a dinosaur (or a dragon… we have remained unsure as to what this costume is!). He wore it to school and wore it on the Halloween train trip we took.

2012: …and finally… for Ollie’s 5th Halloween and Nate’s 1st, Ollie dressed as a skeleton pirate (his own choice!) and Nate dressed in the same mummy outfit that Ollie wore for his second Halloween. Last Halloween was the first Halloween that Ollie went trick or treating.

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