The day we had Doughzy Donuts for breakfast!

I’ve never had a donut I didn’t like.  The boys and I have always been huge donut fans… I previously preferred sugared gravy ring donuts… the boys preferred pink sprinkle donuts. That was until Doughzy Donuts came to town.
Doughzy Donuts started selling and delivering donuts at the start of this month and have become a huge hit in Belfast already.  They have tapped into a super niché market because there is not one other place that delivers you a box of 12 of these delicious things before lunch!

So… they dropped over their box of 12 which included: Vanilla and Lemon, Vanilla and Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry Shimmer, Sprinkled and Glazed.  I was instantly seduced by the bright colours and the fun flavours.

Doughzy Donuts specialise in authentic American, fluffy, yeast-raised donuts and the tops are ALL incredible.  Each one has enough of a sugar kick and flavour to create the perfect dough/ topping ratio in every mouthful!

The boys LOVED the treat breakfast and we had a mix of whole donuts and shared some of the donuts that there were only one of.  They washed them down with milk and thought it was funny having a boxful of donuts rather than cereal.


My absolute favourite was hard to choose.  They are all such notable contenders… so I rounded it down to 3 that stood out.  These are: The Chocolate Fudge Sprinkle, the Salted Caramel and the Lemon and Vanilla.

Ollie’s glazed donut was sweet and sticky and he insisted on using a fork so as to keep his hands clean… Nate just didn’t care and put himself head first into the Chocolate Fudge.

…and came back for more when he was done!

The donuts were fresh, light and sweet and well and truly got the seal of approval in this household.  Nate didn’t have a favourite and neither did Ollie.  When I asked which he liked the most he told his favourite was all the donuts!

You can order Doughzy Donuts from the website so long as you live in Belfast and they are working on some retailers to stock them as well (currently you can get them at The Streat in Ballyhackamore and Robinson and Cleaver at the City Hall!). Doughzy Donuts are also on Twitter!

After having these donuts, which are freshly made just hours before you recieve them, I would find it very hard to buy the mass produced, defrosted and then cooked donuts that you get in Tesco or M&S.  The ones from Doughzy Donuts are on another level entirely!

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