Where we holidayed this summer!

This summer we didn’t think we would be going anywhere, until my dad asked us to go with him and his girlfriend Lisa and her two sons to Mount Falcon in Ballina.  Mount Falcon is a luxury Hotel and Spa that has self catering cottages surrounding it.

The drive down was super long… about 3 1/2 hours normally, but it actually took us about 5… we got lost for a little while and Nate decided to empty the contents of his stomach all over the back seat of the car!  We had to stop and strip him and give the inside of the car a deep clean!  It was disgusting haha!

Thankfully we got there eventually, without anymore vomitting.  It was late, so once we found my dad and his girlfriend and our cottage, we slipped the boys straight into their beds and then James and I were able to relax.  The cottage could have held 10 people and a baby in a cot!  It was huge… and was all ours for the weekend (and there were only 7 of us and a baby!).

On our first morning there we went for a swim in the gorgeus hotel pool , complete with jacuzzi… and we rounded that off with a huge breakfast in the hotel restaurant!  The boys both had yoghurt pots with fresh fruit, and bowls of melon!  I had eggs benedict!

After breakfast we went for a dander and relaxed together before heading out for lunch. We saw ducks and we saw rainbow trout swimming close to the grass verge of the lake. Nate learnt to say duck which is exciting!  We had a little play in the park on the way back to the cottage.

We found a place to eat up beside Enniscrone beach and the portion sizes were HUMONGOUS… Ollie has a starter portion of nachos that could have fed 2 adults as a main haha.  I had goats cheese salad and Nate had what is called a baby bowl!  Basically the soup of the day with mashed potato mixed in.

The place we ate lunch at was just moments away from the beach so we went armed with a bucket and spade!  The boys LOVED the beach though it took Nate a little while to get used to how the sand felt on his bare feet.  It was quite cold but neither of the boys minded as they were having too much fun!  The beach adventure only came to an end when both boys ended up eventually soaked!

Dad and Lisa and Lisa’s boys all went fishing and Ollie went along with them.  They came home with some pollack… it wasn’t the most fruitful of fishing trips but it was Ollie’s first and I think he had fun.  I used to go fishing with my dad a lot when I was Ollie’s age so it was really nice for him to take Ollie too.  I was informed on their return, that the first fish Ollie caught, he kissed!  This is a tradition apparently that brings about bountiful harvest! Ollie was on such a high from his trip!

On the second morning we went for breakfast together again… this time the boys enjoyed cooked breakfast and I had the same as before but also had mushrooms too!  It was great because we could have anything we wanted for breakfast and as much as we wanted too…

After breakfast, James took the boys while I went with Dad and Lisa’s boys to the driving range.  I’d never played golf at all before and goodness it is hard work!  I got a ton of balls and spent most of the time just trying to hit them!  It was fun, though I had an aching shoulder.  One thing I learnt while playing golf is that there is no such thing as a flattering photo of one’s self playing at the driving range!  Here is a not so flattering one of my dad instead!

James and I splurged a little because it was a holiday and we went for a seaweed bath!!  AMAZING!  It is an original victorian bath house right on the beach and the water used is pumped in from the sea.  The seaweed is in the big victorian ceramic bath and in the corner of the room there is a victorian steam box.  James and I swapped and then swapped back… and once you’ve had enough of steam and seaweed, you pull the shower lever and are drenched in ice cold sea water!  Bizarre but awesome experience!

After we had finished our bath, we met Dad and Lisa and the boys at a restaurant before heading back to the beach for another wander and to collect some shells (we collected a HUGE amount of cool shells) and some seaweed so that Ollie could have his very own seaweed bath back at the house.  He was so intrigued by the thought of a bath with real seaweed floating in it.  Haha!

We ran Ollie his seaweed bath as soon as we got back to the house.  He had a blast and stayed in it for a really long time!!  I’m not sure that the seaweed in his bath was the same kind of seaweed as in ours but it still felt the same.  He thought it was so funny!

After his bath, my dad and Lisa took Ollie and the boys fishing again, this time to fish for trout.  While they were away, James and Nate and I all went for a lovely nap!  They returned after a short while with a lovely big trout… trout being my favourite fish!  He was all bizz about his fishing adventure.  Dad took Ollie and Conor out the back of the cottage to help gut the fish.  Ew.

Because it was going to be out last night at Mount Falcon, we decided to eat in the hotel as a treat.  It didn’t disappoint!  James had an enormous burger, I had amazingly cooked sea-bass and the boys had kids meals.  Dad joined us and we all shared a cheeseboard to finish.  The boys behaved really well and it was nice to all get dressed up for the end of our holiday!

James and Ollie went on a spooky walk to the graveyard that is on the estate.  They had gone earlier in the day and thought it would be cool to return at nighttime and see if they could spot any zombies or ghosts haha!  I didn’t go because I had to put Nate to bed.

The drive home the next morning, went a lot faster than the drive there and nobody got car sick!!  We were so happy to get Marcie back though I think she had fun when we were away.

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