The husband and I… through the years!

As I was searching for a photo in my stash the other day, I noticed how much James and I have changed through the years… we got together, got engaged and married, so young. We have accomplished so much in the 9 1/2 years (I know right??  Almost 10 years….) of being together.  As I clicked from folder to folder, our accomplishments and triumphs became very clear.  We started as an immature two-some… and have ended up a family of four.

James and I got together after months and months of flirting and crushing and from the get go, we were in love.  Within the first 3 years, we had moved in together… 100 miles away from our previous homes, become engaged AND married.  In the next 6 1/2, we moved back home, bought a house and had 2 amazing little boys.

I look at photos of James and I and I reckon the two of us look better now than when we got together.  I joke with James that I can’t imagine how we fancied each other as much as we did given the state of us… nowadays… with James in his early 30’s and me 30 next year… I think we are much more hot.  Haha!  Maybe that’s a good thing though… that I fancy my husband the older he gets.  How much will I fancy him, I wonder, when he is in his 60’s?

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