Seaford Butterfly Farm (and Joules Clothing review)

Coming towards the end of our summer, we took a trip to Seaford Butterfly Farm which is near Newcastle.  We have been before and it is always such an interesting place to visit. We invited my mum and Harry along for the trip and hoped the sun would stay shining!

Seaford Butterfly Farm is host to hundreds of free flying tropical butterflies and there are also lovely gardens, though we didn’t see those on this visit.  There are reptiles, parrots and other creatures including scorpions… eeew!

The boys loved it…. it is kind of divided into two sections and both are extremely warm!!  I guess because the butterflies are used to tropical climates.  We watched the butterflies fly and land and take off again, we watched them eat food and had a lot of fun seeing how many we could spot.

Ollie and Nate loved seeing the parrots and Nate learnt to say bird while we were there!  The parrot in the picture above actually knew a couple of words!  The boys also loved seeing the turtles but I think Nate wondered why they were moving so slowly!

It was drizzling slightly when we came out, so we went to the playpark that is there for a quick swing and a quick slide!  Ollie spotted some peacocks on the wall of the garden… surprisingly high up!  Unfotunately though, we did not get to see any of the peacocks fanning their tails.

On the same day that we went to Seaford Butterfly Farm, a package arrived from!  They had been in touch just a few days previous asking if we would be interested in reviewing some of their polo shirts because they have polo shirts for men, women and kids.  They arrived days later.  Inside were the gorgeous polo shirts for the 4 of us!  Each polo shirt was wrapped individually and Ollie had fun guessing which one was for him and he put it on immediately… asking me if he looked smart!

Joules has a ton of great clothes… though the cutest stuff they have has to be in their kids section.  Just look at my boys in their tops!  SO smart looking… they do however cater to all ages and cover everything from boxers to polo shirts to pretty dresses!  Ollie was pleased indeed that James polo shirt was navy just theirs were.

The one thing that stood out to me when the boys were dressed in their polo shirts, was the attention to detail that features in Joules clothes…down to badge and player number.  Also, the quality of the material… it is heavy but breathable and soft.  Sizing was also spot on.  I got Ollie an age 4-5 years and I got Nate an 18-24 months and both fitted perfectly.  Mine was slightly more snug but that is more likely due to not eating the most healthily for a few weeks!

Thank You Joules for sending us the tops… we love them 🙂

Note: We were sent 4 polo shirts from Joules, to review, but all opinions expressed are honest and are my own.

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