St George’s Market, Belfast

A couple of weeks ago, James had the lovely idea of visiting St. George’s market in town. There is a wonderful market on a Saturday morning which consists of a huge variety of stalls… from cupcakes to paintings and prints.  We had not been in such a long time… at least not since Nate was born I don’t think.

Ollie enjoyed seeing the different stalls and in particular enjoyed seeing the fish stalls! More fresh fish than you can imagine, lobsters, crab claws and even a humongous conger eel! So creepy looking!  We picked up a ton of goodies and had a lot of fun walking around.

We picked up gorgeous bread, a mexican chilli salsa thing, nori seaweed and black olive tapenade, humous, a potato cake, baklava and some florentine chocolate thing.  Lunch was awesome on market day!  Nate and Ollie both tried everything that we bought.

We also picked up a lobster at the market.  They are very expensive here, for not much meat, but we thought it would make a change and would be a nice treat.  Ollie and Nate had never tried lobster before.  We also picked up some fresh crab meat and concocted the above pasta dish!  Unfortunately Nate didn’t have share because he got hungry earlier and needed fed before our meal was ready but Ollie devoured his!

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