The Ark Open Farm

I have been lagging behind a little on posts about what we have been up to this summer… mainly because we have been busy doing said activities!

A couple of weeks ago though, we went to The Ark Open Farm.  The Ark is a great farm, not too far away from where we live.  You are free to just wander around and see the animals, feed baby lambs and cuddle the bunnies.  They have a picnic area and a super playground too!

The boys loved their visit (both had been before… Ollie a couple of times, but Nate was only 6 months the last time we went so it was good for him to be able to take it in this time).

When we got there we got to feed the baby lamb and then the boys both got to stroke a bunny that was being passed around.  We saw guinea pigs, pigs, piglets, goats (my favourite!), meercats, ponies and cows!  Nate giggled at many of the animals we saw and Ollie was eager to stroke most of them.  The animals are all very good and you are allowed to get close to them.  Ollie even made friends with a goat that was roaming the farm on his own… he was so tame!

At the farm there is a quad that pulls a number of carriages and it is called the Bumble Bee train… we let the boys have a go.  Ollie had been on it before and loved it and Nate looked as though he loved it when it first left the pickup location, but as we saw the quad coming back, we could see that Nate was no longer enjoying his pull around the farm!  I don’t know what changed!

We ate our lunch at picnic tables… but the boys didn’t want to eat for very long before going and taking another walk around the animals!  When they were happy they had seen enough, we walked to the end of the farm and stayed at the playground for a while!

In a field beside the playpark, there are reindeer.  Ollie was so impressed that some of Santa’s reindeer were here in Ireland!  They were very tame and took to eating grass from us!  Both boys had a chance to feed them some grass, before Ollie went on a pony ride!  We tried Nate on the pony too but he didn’t like it at all!

The Ark is definitely one of our favourite places to spend a sunny day together and it seems to be coming quite a tradition to visit each summer.  Maybe next year Nate will be eager to have a go on the pony!

One thought on “The Ark Open Farm

  1. TK says:

    What a lovely place for kids! Love the photos, especially the one with the carriage 🙂 I only wish we had farms where we live, but it’s a bit too much to ask in a desert! Here from the Weekend Blog Hop.


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