A Stormy Beach Visit

Last  weekend we took a family trip to the beach… we stopped at Subway on the way to grab sandwiches, cookies and crisps to make up a picnic and off we went with bucket and spade in hand.
The beach was deserted apart from a family of 4 at one end and a woman walking her dog at the other.  The sun was scorching but there was a beautiful breeze and the water was cool and refreshing to paddle in.

 We paddled, ate, walked up and down the beach a little and gazed into the distance.  It soon became apparent though that the weather on one side of the beach was entirely different to the weather on the other side.  Still, we continued to explore the beach… until we heard thunder, and felt heavy raindrops.  Cue a swift gathering of our belongings and a mad dash back to the car.

 By the time we got to the car we were soaked through… Ollie thought it was hilarious and exciting, Nate was bemused… sitting in his car seat, still holding on to his sandwich that had become soggy in the rain!

The rain had ramped up from a few droplets to a full monsoon in less than 5 minutes and once we were in the car for 5 more minutes, the monsoon turned into hail stone! HAIL in July!  I’m serious!  It was really crazy… and a few more miles up the road the cars and footpaths were bone dry and the sky was blue.

 It was the most crazy beach visit we have had as a family… but a little adventure at that!

One thought on “A Stormy Beach Visit

  1. Dawn says:

    The moments that are far from perfect usually are the ones that are the most memorable. And who says you can’t dance or adventure in the rain! 🙂 Fun times!


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