The Weekend I Spent Away From My Guys!

A couple of weekends ago, I left James and the boys and headed to Dublin by myself!  It was super exciting!  My dad bought me tickets to see Mumford and Sons at Phoenix Park as my birthday present, so I went to spend the weekend at his house… leaving Belfast shortly after an amazing lunch and super fun shopping trip with my mum!

On the Saturday, we went for a walk around the World Street Performers Competition that was being held in the city centre.  It was fun to see the variety of acts… see the park all decorated, and eat some good food including the legendary cheese fries from Eddie Rockets.

On our way back to dad’s house, we stopped at the canal bar to have a drink.  We are going through a bit of a heatwave here recently so there was hardly anyone sitting inside the bar… everyone was sat outside and many with their feet just dangling over the canal.  Such a happy and relaxed atmosphere!

Dad made amazing salt and chilli squid when we got home, then we hung out and watched a movie.

Sunday morning was spent relaxing and getting ready, drinking coffee outside a cafe while reading magazines… and then packing a lunch before heading to the bus that would take us to Phoenix Park.

I’ve only been to Phoenix Park once… and that was to see Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Pixies!  I had forgotten just how HUGE it was.  When we got to the gates we found that we were not allowed to take food in so we sat outside and ate our picnic.

AND then we went in, found a spot in the crowd and put our blanket out.  The heat was amazing and there was not a cloud in the sky… there was an insane amount of people, but the atmosphere was very relaxed and everyone was just hanging out about the park.  I picked up a tshirt, before the crowds there got super busy… and my dad got his beers.

First to appear on the stage was an irish band called Ham Sandwich… strangest band name I’ve heard of, but they were pretty good and the crowd liked them a lot!

Next was Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes!  I like a few of their songs, but live they were completely different!  Live they were so awesome.  Such a perfect band for a warm and sunny day… they had everyone up and dancing and the music was just so happy!  There were tons of people in the band!!

The Vaccines were after Edward Sharpe.. and they were ok.  Everyone else liked them a lot, but I don’t know many of their songs.  Not complaining though, good music on a good day is no bad thing!

AND then… Ben Howard!  Amazingness.  He has the most beautiful smile when he sings and he and the others in his band, can play almost all instruments.  The drummer was pretty much playing the drums and the bass guitar at the same time haha!  He sang faultlessly and the crowd knew and sang along, to each song he played.  It was early evening and the sun was disappearing and the crowd had grown a little closer together knowing what was up next!

Mumford and Sons were AMAZING.  The crowd was super squished and there was not a single person that was not dancing!  Everybody knew all the words and the whole crowd was jumping!  It was wonderful.  I also had no idea that people actually crowd surfed at something like Mumford and Sons… but hey, they do!  They played for a good 2 1/2 hours… played all my favourites too.  They really put their all into it and I loved it.  Even my dad, who has not heard a lot of their stuff, thought it was amazing.  They sang Galway Girl as the last song and they got everyone from Ham Sandwich, Edward Sharpe, The Vaccines and Ben Howard, all to come on stage and sing it with them.  Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

3 thoughts on “The Weekend I Spent Away From My Guys!

  1. Donna says:

    Great post! We used to go to gigs 3/4 times a year before having kids – it really was what we lived for, live music, the atmosphere, the noise! I’m looking forward to our babies being old enough that we can start going to concerts again. It sounds like you had a great time!


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