So Nate got his first ever haircut a couple of weeks ago!  He has always had very fine, slightly curly/ wavy, bright blonde hair and I thought it would break my heart to have him get his first haircut… those beautiful baby curls!  That was until recently, when the baby curls that had looked so cute (and although they still did)… started looking like a curly mullet on my baby boy.

I took both of the boys to the hair place at the bottom of my street and they both got the chop!  Ollie went first and requested that they cut his hair like his daddy’s… short on the sides and slightly longer on top.  They finished it off spiked with a little gel on top!  He looked so smart and was super pleased with it.

Nate went second and sat on their kids tractor chair.  He was very good and sat relatively still… no fuss.  He just glanced round questioningly when the hairdresser moved to the other side.  She cut his bright blonde baby curls and put them in a little tiny money bag for me to keep.  I need not have worried about him having his hair cut… in all honesty, it did make him look a little older… but BOY does he look super handsome and cute with his neat boyish hair.

Swoon.  These boys ❤

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