How Lucky We Are…

…to live in such a beautiful area.  We live in Belvoir which is right beside a forest park and it is gorgeous!  On a sunny day, it is lovely to walk through and it’s on the sunniest days that we realise and fully appreciate what is directly on our doorstep.

We then spend some time wondering why we don’t go to the forest EVERY day!  It’s good in all weather… in the sun, we dander as a family and appreciate the shade of the trees… in rainy weather, the boys put on their boots and we go puddle hunting!

James sometimes takes the boys into the forest by himself and when they go, they go troll hunting!  It’s a lot of fun.

We recently spent a few hours of a Sunday walking through the forest.  We took a path that we know, having been regularly… but we really need to get into the forest and explore a little more… go off the paths and see what we can find!

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