10 Things I Live For…

I can’t live without my family.  The 4 of us here in our little home, making memories and raising little gentlemen.  I feel like this is what I was born to do, raise boys that is.  I live for being told I’m loved “997 hearts” by a wonderfully affectionate 5 year old… and I live for being covered in weetabix, because my toddler just really wanted to cuddle at that precise moment.

I live for the opportunity to travel!  I have restless feet… I don’t want to stand still or stay in this same place.  I’ve travelled a little and while travelling to the destinations pinned on my wanderlist, is on hold right now as I raise my little family, I live for the day that I can wander the world a little more.  There is too much out there for us to see… it would be silly to stay here, on this little island, for forever.

Friends.  Some I’ve known only a short time…. and others I have known for more than a decade!  With some, I’ve had falling outs and makeups and with others we’ve gone too long without talking and then reconnected.  Whatever the circumstance though, the friends I have in my life, mean the world and more to me.

I could live without blogging, but I wouldn’t want to!  Writing regularly has become a part of who I am… 5 1/2 years of keeping a blog and only getting better at it.  I feel like I’ve documented my boys’ lives this far, how on earth could I ever choose to just quit.  I love looking back on things I’ve forgotten… important details that I’m glad are recorded and safe.  But it’s not just that… over the past little while, blogging has become more of a hobby that a need to document our life.

Taking photos… I can’t stop.  It comes so naturally to me, to want to capture happenings.  I have 11,000 or more photos edited and stored away safe.  I capture moments and memories that can be retrieved and looked back on at any time.  My photos mean more to me than possessions.  A photo can’t be replaced.  It is a special moment in time that I can hold onto forever.

I guess I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to memories…. ain’t nothing wrong with that though.

Sunshine.  I live for sunny days, days we can be outside together.  I can’t cope with the cold or snow or winter.  Dull sky makes me miserable…. sunshine and blue sky changes everything.

I live to love and be loved.  Love is the most amazing thing we can feel and I feel it, hard.  If I love someone or something, I love it with all that I am.  If my heart was not so full, I’d not be the same happy and positive person I am.  Love is exciting and warm and something I couldn’t go a day without.  There is that old lyric from Nature Boy…”The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

I live for food.  I feel similarly about food, as I do about travelling.  There is so much out there, it would be silly to only ever eat the same things.  I’m not at all fussy, though I can’t eat anything creamy.  Aside from that I’ll try anything once… and I could eat seconds and thirds.  My apetite could rival any mans!

Music!!  I listen to music each and every day… I have certain songs that I listen to when I am in certain moods… songs that bring back memories… songs that make me feel.

I live for what comes next!  I’m excited about what I am going to do in the future, both on my own and with my family…. what we might learn and experience and the memories we will make.  I do appreciate each and every day, take it as it comes and all that, but I do like daydreaming about what is in store for me too.

One thought on “10 Things I Live For…

  1. WallyMummy says:

    Totally agree with all of those! Would love to travel more, but know I need to wait until the babies are a bit older, then the world is our lobster :))) The only thing I’d add is bed. God I love my bed and can’t wait until I can lie ins again… in 2027 or so… lol x great post xxx


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