A post in which I talk about Nate and only Nate!

I feel like I have had a ton to say about Ollie recently, but not as much to say about Nate.  I guess Ollie has a lot more going on at the moment.  I wanted to do a catch up post on Nate, since I miss doing the monthly updates and he is changing and growing so much at the moment, that I don’t want to forget something!
Nate is currently obsessed with ANYTHING with wheels.  Cars, trucks, trains, airplanes!  He has a ride on car that he loves, but because of this ride on car, he thinks he can ride anything with wheels, no matter how small!  He keeps setting a Hot Wheels on the floor and tries to sit on it.

 He is not a baby AT ALL… he is a proper small child and he loves being independent.  He totally knows his own mind and can be super stubborn… he also gives me the cheekiest grin when he is being scolded for doing something naughty!  He throws a hissy fit when being strapped into his pram, because he prefers freedom and he no longer takes a bottle.

Currently, he loves animals.  Animals of all kinds, but he is adamant that each animal he sees makes a woof woof noise (pronounced fufff fufff).

He has 16 teeth!  I think he is done teething now until he gets his very back teeth… it was a tough few months!

Apparently at 17/ 18 months, their personalities develop and will likely show a glimpse of the person they will become!  That is awesome if true because he is a confident, sociable, funny and affectionate little guy.  He is a happy kid and beams and giggles a lot.

He has a few words… he can say dada, mama, that and this (while pointing), shoes, socks, banana, juice, fish and birdy.  Every few days he will come out with a new one and sometimes he says a new word but won’t repeat it, so we aren’t sure if he really did say it at all!

Nate LOVES food… he eats everything but his favourite is bananas.  He would eat as many bananas a day as would be ok to give him!  He loves vehicles, all books, Thomas The Tank, holding something in each hand ALL THE TIME, stuffed animals, climbing, cuddling, music and dancing!

I love having boys!!!!

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