A couple of weekends ago, a Sunday, we woke and asked Ollie what he would like to do that day.  The weather was set to be nice so I thought it would be nice to spend it outside.  His big eyes lit up and the first thing he announced that he wanted to do was go on a train!  How could we refuse!?  What started as a super simple question… ‘what would you like to do today?’… turned into an awesome daytrip for the four of us!

We got ready super quick… packed a bag with toys and snacks for the boys… packed our coats and the pram and we set off for the train station!  We decided to go to Bangor because the weather was nice and Bangor has a lovely play park, ride on train and candy floss.  The biggest reason though, was that it was a nice place to go by train.  We could have driven there, but the train ride was the thing Ollie wanted to do most.

Ollie stared out of the window for almost the whole journey.  He held the ticket and gave it to the Inspector… he was so excited.  Nate didn’t seem much fussed on the experience… he has a real dislike at being strapped in his pram, so James took him out and held him on his knee, but to nate this is the same thing.  He just doesn’t want to sit haha!

When we got off the train we dandered down the mainstreet in the direction of the marina and stopped for lunch at Little Wing.  We have been to a few different Little Wings and we love the pizza there.  They also do a great kids option that comes with breadsticks and garlic butter, a tiny pizza, an icecream and a hot chocolate!  I got the garlic mushroom pizza….. so good.


After lunch we walked on down to the marina.  I took Nate out of his buggy and put his Littlelife backpack on him.  It’s a cute tiny rucksack that has a rein attached so he can feel all big and independent!  Both boys looked at the boats and Nate chased a couple of birds.  The boats in the water all looked so lovely and Ollie really wanted to go on one.  To bad a boat isn’t as easily accessible as the train.



Near the marina there is a playpark, splashpad, cafe, ride on swans and a miniature train ride!  We headed that way to spend the rest of our time.  Ollie had his first go on the miniature train ride ALL BY HIMSELF… normally one of us has gone on it with him, so he thought going by himself was a real treat… and we got some candyfloss.




It’s so hard to keep an eye on Nate in the park these days because he is so fast and independent, he wants to climb things himself and it is hard to keep him in reach… the swing is the only thing he goes on and I know he is in one place!



Both boys were super tired by the time we got back to the train station.  We did a huge amount of walking for such little legs… and they both fell asleep for the whole train ride home!  We had such an awesome day out thanks to Ollie’s brilliant suggestion and we were so lucky that it didn’t rain once!




I’ll definitely be asking Ollie if he wants to plan our weekend again in the near future!

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