What June Looks Like In Northern Ireland…


…well the weather here really keeps you guessing!  We have been having a proper full on heatwave for a couple of weeks… it even reached right up to 24 degrees at one point (75.2  farenheit for all of you who use F rather than C!).  This might not seem like a big deal to some people… but for our little Hughes family, it was HOT.  It made Nate super cranky and Ollie would come inside to cool down after spending just 15 minutes outside ‘sun waving’.  The boys walked around pretty much half naked and a couple of times, Ollie dipped into the paddling pool completely starkers! Haha.


We had awesome weather for our wedding anniversary and awesome weather for Ollie’s birthday .. we had the paddling pool out multiple times, spent hours in the garden and even got to have a BBQ!


I bought pocket sized suncream because each year I buy big suncreams and they don’t get used.  Suncream can only be kept for 12 months and then it isn’t as effective anymore.  It just so happens that the year I buy tiny suncreams, they are nearly finished!!  I also had to go out and buy the boys sandals and shorts… items we don’t really have in this household, in this country haha!


A couple of days ago the rain came.  It came down HARD!  I guess the grass and stuff must have been thirsty after all the sunshine and heat haha!  Today, when I was walking Ollie to Squirrels, we could see the most crazy looking storm clouds right above bright blue sky.  It was eerie looking.


Apparently we are set to have a 5 week heatwave at some point in the summer.  On one hand I’m thinking BRING IT ON…. I look good with a tan and love getting to spend time outside with the kids… and on the other hand I’m thinking… gosh isn’t 24 degrees HOT haha.  We will wait and see what happens.  If the heat comes again, I hope Nate gets used to it pretty fast… might have to move naptime to later in the day when it’s hottest.

To anyone who can stand heat into the 100’s (F that is… in C that is 37)… good for you!  The hottest heat I’ve been in was approx 36 degrees and that was in flipping India!!

(Also… talking about heat and how I totally could not handle temperatures into the 100s, I know someone who lives in Arizona!  You should visit his blog that he started recently. Carl used to live here in Northern Ireland but moved to Arizona like 12 years ago and since moving, he’s got married, had 4 children and gained a proper American accent! So anyway, go see his new blog aptly titled ‘From NI to AZ‘.)

5 thoughts on “What June Looks Like In Northern Ireland…

  1. Kristen says:

    I live in Florida, and yeah, the heat can get insane sometimes. People complain here because not only is it hot, but it’s humid as well!I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. It looks absolutely beautiful, and right about now I could go for the temps you’re having!


  2. brenda lw says:

    I live in Washington State, but I’m from a little town in northwest Az. The temps there are in the 90’s F. Here the temps are in the high 60’s. I don’t miss the heat at all! Of course when November comes, I’ll be complaining about the cold. Yep, the grass is ALWAYS greener 😉


  3. Dyanne @ I Want Backsies says:

    That picture of the storm clouds is downright creepy. All I know about Northern Ireland is what I just read above 🙂 Do you have thunder and lightning? I live where it gets very hot and very humid and we sometimes have tornadoes. I’m thinking you wouldn’t want to visit me!


  4. Dawn says:

    I am LOVING all the time the boys have been able to spend in their pool. It’s been such a chilly, windy and rainy spring here so far that we haven’t had a chance to set our pool up yet.Enjoy!


  5. carol says:

    That was such a fun post to read. I thoroughly enjoyed your lingo (NI talk). I live in Utah, right next to Arizona. And yes, it’s been flippin’ hot here. We reached 100 degrees F. one day. That’s too hot for me. Thank goodness for air conditioner. The storm clouds above the blue sky was eerie to look at.Some of my ancestors came from NI. I would love to visit someday.


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