Ollie’s 5th Birthday

So my biggest boy is officially 5 now.  He seems to have grown a couple of inches over night… even if he is just carrying himself differently with the excitement of being older!  We had an ace week/ weekend to celebrate him turning 5… but it all started on Wednesday.

He loved the MASSIVE card Nate got for him.


James made amazing french toast with bacon and maple syrup (no-one else in the house cooks this… and it is always a treat breakfast for any of our birthdays).


Both boys (and mummy and daddy) loved it!  There wasn’t much left on anyone’s plate!


When breakfast was finished, Ollie opened his presents.  He got Ed Emberley’s Fingerprint Book and an inkpad… it’s so cute… it shows you how to make hundreds of pictures using your fingerprints.



He loved the scooter we bought for him… and the Hexbug Warriors!!  He also got 2 sets of Lego, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Moshi Monsters!



Unfortunately, Ollie had to go to school with it being a Wednesday,  but he was alright with that.  He was excited to see his friends and tell them all that he was 5 now!  While he was away I got the house tidied and decorated for him.





…and we turned up at school with this huge 5 balloon sitting in his car seat haha!  He didn’t know what to say!


He had asked for a Lego cake, so this is what I came up with.  A Lego coloured cake with 2 Lego men holding bunting with his name on it.  He loved it!


The day was a scorcher so we decided to have a BBQ for his birthday dinner, we filled the paddling pool and stripped the boys!  It was 20 degrees!  So not used to that sort of weather.




James fixed us a ton of food on the BBQ.  We had chicken, piri piri pork steaks, 5 spice pork kebabs, sausages and grilled sweetcorn (salads too… but they’re not that interesting).


It was so good!


Nate had his first corn on the cob.  He chewed on that thing for a good half hour haha!


After we had eaten and the boys had had enough of playing outside in the heat, Ollie came in to try out his fingerprint book and managed to make a long fingerprint train!


…and then we had his cake.  I’ve honestly used the exact same recipe for everyone’s birthday cakes, for the last 6 years… and the same Betty Crocker frosting.  Why change something that’s perfect haha.



Both boys went to bed SUPER tired from the excitement, food and heat!

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