A Birthday Party!

For the last couple of years, we have had Ollie’s birthday party at home!  This year, with him being in BIG school now, we decided to give him and his friends an afternoon of fun someplace NOT our house.  We chose to have his party in Funtastic in Carryduff.

Not only is it awesome to be able to have a party someplace and then come home to a tidy, undisturbed house… but it is also an awesome place to spend a couple of hours.  There are two sections of play, one for toddlers (so Nate was super happy) and one for aged 4 and over.  Full to the brim with slides, ball pools, tunnels and all sorts of fun things.

He invited his 2 cousins, 2 friends who he has known since he was tiny and 3 friends from his class (including his bestie, Max).

He chose his own clothes for the day because he wanted to look ‘cool’!  Because he is 5 and all…


After the kids ran off steam and played for and hour and 15 minutes, we were served little lunchboxes of fries and either chicken, sausages or fish and a carton of juice.  Everyone sat around the table and chatted to each other.


As per Ollie’s request, I made him another Lego cake.  This time I made a Lego man’s head with a smiley face!  I was so worried it wouldn’t turn out but he knew what it was immediately and that’s the main thing!



Everyone had cake an ice-cream and then they all went out to have one last play before going home!



He gave out little partybags to everyone and they had a bouncy ball, crisps, sweeties, stickers and some funny glasses in.


When we went home, Nate and I crashed while James and Ollie built some of his new Lego.


Later in the afternoon, Ollie’s Uncle Jason and Uncle Ryan came over with Jason’s girlfriend Clare… Grandpa Harry and Grandma came and so did Nanny.


Jason and Ryan bought Ollie a football net which I’m sure will get a ton of use this summer if the weather keeps up!


We placed the HUGEST Domino’s order and spent the evening relaxing together!


Ollie had a hawaiian pizza with olives, as he always does.


2 thoughts on “A Birthday Party!

  1. Dawn says:

    I giggled when you said Ollie dressed himself so he could look ‘cool’ – such a FIVE year old!! :)That party looks amazingly fun!! Did mom and dad get to climb and slide, too?? heheExcellent job in the lego man cake – looks YUM!And my FAVORITE pizza is Hawaiian (minus the olives).


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