Ollie, You’re 5 Today!

Dear Ollie,

You’re 5 today and I can’t believe how much you have grown in the last year… OR how fast this year has gone.

You have waited for this day for months… the big FIVE.  I guess it has been hard for you waiting for your birthday when mostly everyone in your class has had their’s already… you’re the youngest.  Even though you are the youngest in you’re year, you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell.  You shine with so much confidence and intelligence and you befriend everyone that you meet.


Five is a big age, Ollie.  Already, you are starting to ask me questions about the hard stuff… sometimes I know the answers and sometimes I don’t… and sometimes your questions take me by surprise!  You have such an inquisitive mind and that is such a good thing!  You should always ask questions!


The biggest thing to happen to you since your 4th birthday is that you started school in September… in fact you are very very nearly done with your first year of primary school.  You are lucky to go to such a lovely school with lovely teachers and good friends.  Your best friends are Max and Yasmine (who you asked to marry you), but you are a good friend to everybody.

At school, you love to do your show and tell each week… you really enjoy the opportunity to tell other people about the things you like!  You can READ AND WRITE now.  It’s been an amazing thing to watch this past year… you have learnt so much.  You’ve loved your school trips and you love it when it’s the day for you to be in buddy group and you have become SO independent.


You’re also a really good big brother and are learning how to have patience with you little brother… sometimes he gets into your toys and stuff and you remember that he is just a baby and doesn’t mean any harm… you find him as funny as he finds you!

Things that you currently love include lego, the iPad (and pretty much all technology haha!), Minecraft, Hexbug Warriors which you got today… you make up awesome stories with your lego men.  Your imagination is awesome!  And Ollie, your drawings!  They are seriously wonderful and nothing makes me prouder than putting your artwork and writing on my fridge and walls.


So Ollie, with all my heart I wish you the happiest 5th birthday and I hope that your next year is as crazy exciting and brilliant as this last year has been.  I’m super proud to be your mummy.  Keep being yourself Ollie.. you’re growing up into a lovely little man and I love you forever.

BFFs x 100.  Mummy.

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