I’m Not Perfect…

…Despite what I will have you believe on this blog of mine… haha!  In fact I am far from perfect.  Some of my worst traits include the following:
I am a professional procrastinator!  I will put boring tasks off for as long as possible (putting laundry away is one of them!)… and before I know it I have a list of tasks that is super long! I find it way TOO easy to say “I’ll do that later”.  You should see the junk room in our house… it’s been needing decluttered for months… and each weekend I think I might start…. but then I think, next weekend instead.  It will be a junk room for forever.

Another of my less than perfect traits is the fact that I love spending money!  I really do and I can’t seem to help myself.  If I go into a shop, it feels wrong to come home empty handed.  I could save a lot of money if I just never left the house… window shopping is definitely not for me!

Also, James thinks I am bossy…

Just being honest! 🙂

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