My Earliest Memories

The thing I remember the most about in my early childhood, is where we lived in Comber.  I was 3 or so.  I had a couple of friends… one called Natasha and one called Leanne.  I remember the things we used to get up to including getting into trouble for watching Dirty Dancing.  I was never allowed past a certain lightpost on the street…. that was the furthest I could go… and we had gooseberry bushes in our garden.  There was an old woman who lived across the street called Doreen and she used to let me come over and eat slices of apple dipped into the sugar bowl. Yum!

My mum and dad bought me a cabin bed with a cubby hole underneath.  It was the most awesome bed I’ve ever had and I spent ages playing in it.

I remember I cut my whole fringe off… the whole thing.  I looked a sight.

Once, the house a couple of doors down went on fire and we were all evacuated onto the street.  Apparently it had started because of a row between the husband and wife.  I remember standing on the street in my nightie with all my other neighbours… also in their pyjamas, but one was out in a towel!

2 thoughts on “My Earliest Memories

  1. Christine says:

    What a fab photo at the beginning of the post. I think we don’t give our children anywhere near as much freedom to play in the street these days. In my street there was always a bunch of us playing out. Can’t see my boys playing in the same way it just doesn’t happen anymore.


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