A Day In The Life Of…

I love seeing how other people spend their days… their routines… how they manage to get everything done.  I have always loved to-do lists and routines and I thrive on predictability in my day!  The day to day of our family, on a weekday, is as follows:
7.00 – 7.30am Ollie is normally awake before Nate… he slips out of his room quietly and climbs in between me and James.  He will play Minecraft on James iPad for a little while… James and I catch a couple of extra zzzzzzzs!


7.30am Nate is normally awake by this time and he joins us in bed too.  He is normally super happy in the mornings and in bed is where we have some of the funnest Ollie/ Nate interactions.  James gets ready and I get Ollie ready for school… he gets his uniform on and I pack his snack in his schoolbag.  At 7.40 James and Ollie leave the house, James will drop Ollie at school for 8.00 for breakfast club.


8.00am  After James and Ollie have left the house, Nate and I head downstairs for breakfast after he has had his nappy change.  Nate loves breakfast… I don’t normally eat anything.


8.30am  When breakfast is finished, I get Nate washed and dressed and then he plays in his room while I get my shower and get dressed.  When we are both ready I will check my email, Bloglovin etc and do a quick tidy of downstairs.  I will get rid of the breakfast dishes and normally get a load of laundry on to wash too.  When those couple of chores are finished we play together and have a relaxed morning, depending on what we are doing!


9.00am  If we are going out for the day… which would be more often than not (baby group, classes we go to, to see friends etc) we normally get the 9.05am bus to wherever we are headed to.  I can’t wait to be able to drive!!


10.00 – 11.00am  Nate goes down for a nap.  He is pretty easy and will nap happily in his pram no matter where we are.  If we are at home, I will carry on with chores while he sleeps… if we are out and about, I get some relaxed time haha!


11.30am It’s quite early in the day for lunch, but Nate likes his lunch early!  He will have anything from cheese on toast, spaghetti bolognese, fruit, omelette etc  He is a super eater and isn’t fussy on much.  He is very easy to feed!


12.00pm Once Nate is finished lunch, we play together until it is time to collect Ollie.  Nate is such a sociable little baby, and interacts really well when played with.


1.35pm We leave for the bus.  Sometimes James will collect Ollie and the other times, Nate and I get the bus!


2.00pm I go to collect Ollie.  He is normally really full of beans and happy to tell me about his time at school… what snack he had, who he played with etc.  We rush from his school to the bus stop to make it on time.


3.15pm We arrive home, Ollie kicks his shoes off and settles on the sofa to have a snack, watch some tv and have wind down time.  I will change a load of laundry in the dryer etc and plan what to have for dinner.  Nate normally has a little snack in his high chair while watching me do laundry!


4.30pm James arrives home and takes over the childcare while I make dinner.


5.00pm We have dinner together and then spend the rest of the evening playing, watching tv, chatting, doing homework, getting ready for bed and clearing up the dinner things.


6.30pm Nate goes to bed first and once he is settled Ollie goes to bed at about 7.00!  Both boys settle really well… normally.


7.15pm-? James and I normally relax together for the rest of the night until bedtime.  We normally watch a movie together and have chocolate!  I will blog, edit photos, catch up on emails and twitter etc.  Bedtime for us can be anything from 10.30-12!


And that’s our day!

5 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of…

  1. Venassa says:

    I did a post like this not long ago!Your day sounds so relaxing. Mine isn’t too different, except my daughter is a picky eater, and isn’t so easy going. I’m jealous that you’re hubby is home to help out with the kids for supper time. Supper is my scariest time of the day.


  2. Samantha says:

    I love lists and schedules – although my days are anything but routine! I’m working on it, though, hoping that if I have a routine I’ll get more done in a day – and forget to do less.Ollie is in grade school, or kindergarten? I love that he has half days – it’s so great that you can then spend the rest of the afternoon with him also!


  3. Kari says:

    What a fun post! I love to see how other people spend their days with small kids! I have one who is school half day also He is in Kindergarten here in the States. I don’t know what you call it in Ireland. 🙂


  4. Crystal says:

    You are so lucky to have a super eater baby! I have a friend who’s baby is very particular and it can make going places stressful if food is forgotten. Great share on a day that looked to be full of smiles!


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