Ten Things That Make Me Happy

⭑ My little family (and extended family of course)

⭑ My amazing friends

⭑ Pepsi Max ⭑ Sunshine ⭑ Food (pesto, goats cheese, prawns, roast dinners, sushi)

⭑ Writing my blog

⭑ Surprises!

⭑ Win-win situations

⭑ Learning new things

⭑ Kisses and cuddles

3 thoughts on “Ten Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Ana says:

    I love all those things except surprises. I hope no one ever gives me a surprise party or a surprise trip because I hate the idea 🙂 I’d much rather look forward to a trip in advance, have waxed my legs and packed the clothes I want to take myself. Course, life has a funny way of giving you surprises anyway whether you like it or not.


  2. Christine says:

    Surprise! I’ll leave you a blog comment! Have been enjoying your blog a day in May posts Emma. II would have a cold glass of coke on my list of things that make me happy (sorry I’m not a Pepsi girl). Kisses and hugs from my sons would top the list too.


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