My Sincerest Apologies…

…go out to the girls of the world who are currently 5 or 6 years old (and under).  I have produced two FINE mini gentlemen and I could probably go on to produce countless more… but have decided against it.  With my own decision, I am sure, comes heartbreak for A LOT of girls out there, because there are only 2 of these particular mini men in existence.

They are incredibly handsome and kind, sensitive too… the eldest holds doors for women, cooks, picks bunches of dandelions and is very affectionate.  The youngest wants to snuggle all day and shares his food!


Sorry again that there are only, and will only ever be 2 of these particular incredible little gents.

6 thoughts on “My Sincerest Apologies…

  1. Venassa says:

    Aww, that’s too sweet! They’re definitely awesome boys. Chloe and Nate would make a great couple if it wasn’t for one thing – he has more hair than she does :p


  2. My Best Posts | outmumbered says:

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