A Moment In My Day

A moment in my day, Nate is asleep… hubby is working… Ollie is at school.  It is raining torrentially… and I’m in an emotional kind of mood today.  We just got Netflix, so I am watching Army Wives from the very start, drinking Pepsi Max and eating Tootsie Rolls.

7 thoughts on “A Moment In My Day

  1. Venassa says:

    Hope it’s a good kind of emotional, if that’s possible.Either way, I’d like to trade places with you just to have some tv and Tootsie roll time.


  2. Tarsha! says:

    Seriously, the best part of the day is when everybody is asleep but you. The remote is yours, your snacks are yours, the comfy couch/chair is yours…temporary bliss I tell ya!Found you through the Blog Everyday in May Challenge!


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