What I Know About Raising Boys

1.  Boys really love sticks… because they can pretend that they are swords, guns, lightsabers or wizard wands… Ollie currently likes to pretend that sticks are Minecraft torches, axes and bows and arrows.  Talk about a cheap toy?

2.  Boys are super cuddly and sweet… they may like to pretend they are Minecraft Men or Darth Vadar (no? Just Ollie?) but they can also be extremely cuddly.  This is SUCH a great thing about boys.  Underneath their ‘wannabe Batman’ exterior, there is a snuggly little mini man.  Studies show that boys that lack strong motherly bonds, are more likely to be aggressive and destructive!

3.  Boys clothes are cute too!  So much fuss is made about the clothing in shops for girls… and I’ll admit, it makes my ovaries twitch… BUT boys are fun to kit out too!  I love going to the shops and choosing cute outfits for Ollie and Nate.  Dungarees, shirts, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, trendy hoodies and rugby shirts?  CUTE!

4.  Pee goes EVERYWHERE.  It takes little boys a while to get used to their… erm… willy and how to aim properly (and in some cases… it is hard to REACH the toilet bowl).  Being the only person in my house to clean the bathroom, it is such a bonus when Ollie manages to get all his pee into the toilet bowl.  Also, while we are on the subject of the penis… it becomes a boys favourite bath toy from around the age of 1 year.  Haha.  Nate thinks his is hilarious!!


5.  Mind you don’t step on LEGO.  There is Lego everywhere in our house.  In every room.  Ollie would spend hours building everything from the Titanic to his Auntie Sandra’s house in London!  I can’t count how many different things he has built.  I don’t ever yearn for a little girl to play tea parties etc with…I really and truly don’t… probably because I get SO SO much satisfaction in seeing how proud Ollie is of his lego creations.

6.  Boys are rough!  Ollie jumps off furniture, wrestles and body slams with hubby and he tumbles with Nate on the bed in the mornings.  We have taught Ollie from an early age that wrestling and rough-housing with daddy is fine… but never ever body slam a girl/ woman!  Ha! The rough-housing isn’t hard wired into EVERY boy, but most and experts say it’s normal and very healthy!

7.  A+E becomes a second home… well, not really… but expect a few trips!  Ollie has been  to hospital twice because of pulled elbow… ouch… both times it happened because he was monkeying around.  Nate has been to hospital with a split lip that he got by tipping up his pram!  Don’t blame yourself, these accidents come from having little boys who are excited, adventurous and very active!

8.  Boys are awesome.  So awesome, it hurts.  They love their mamas.  Both of the boys and I have a very strong bond.  Ollie calls me his BFF and I love it.  I get a special mama smile from Nate.  I hope the bond we have lasts forever and although I’ve said goodbye to the fantasy of going wedding dress shopping with my daughter, I’m now looking forward to maybe having my big grown up sons dance with me at their weddings instead.

7 thoughts on “What I Know About Raising Boys

  1. PhotoPuddle says:

    Loved reading this post. My daughter is four and a half and I like to think I am rather good at being a mum to a girl. Having a boy second time round was like being a new mum again though. Boys are definitely different to girls. Sooooo much energy for a start. And a lot more destruction. Loving it though. Boys and girls are just great!Oh and I am loving boys clothes at the moment. They are just super cool aren’t they. I haven’t missed little dresses at all!


  2. karen says:

    sobbing as I read this…yes yes yes yes….my only is a boy and it’s all the same. I love that I can mix and match his clothes and it always looks good because he is a boy. I am looking forward to dancing with him at his wedding too and love how much he loves his mommy. I am his world and I never knew how much that would mean to me.Having a boy is fun and unpredictable…and I look forward to new adventures with him.


  3. Ana says:

    Your boys are wonderful – I have two myself but they are 15 and 22 years old. It’s a long time since I stepped on lego bricks but they still make more mess in the bathroom than girls ever would 🙂


  4. Jodie says:

    That was so lovely to read, thank you! I have a 6 year old daughter and 5 year old son. My son is so full on and rough, it’s such a contrast from my daughter and to be honest a bit of a shock!. I have now had another son, but this time I am a ready for what he will bring…chaso and destruction…but lots of joy and cuddles. And I agree, boys clothes are fab, just bought my baby boy a red and white star sleepsuit…sooo cute!!


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