My life in (just over) 250 words!


I arrived a few weeks early on 16th July 1984, weighing 5lbs 5oz, to young parents… both just 23 and newlyweds.  Over the next 6 years my parents gave me two younger brothers.


Image766 oldies_240

My mum and dad gave the three of us a very happy childhood.  We lived in lovely houses, went to good schools, had pets and went on frequent holidays but they got a divorce when  I was 15.  My mum later got remarried to a lovely man called Harry.  Yay!


In the summer that I left school, I went to Virginia, USA to Au Pair.  I met my now husband, James, when I got back 3 months later, had a crush on him for 9 months before we got together!  I started university a few months into our relationship, but deciding that it wasn’t for me.


We moved in together in our second year of dating, 100 miles away from home, and just a few months after, James proposed to me at a music festival in London… I said yes and we were married a year later… in a castle!

We started trying for a baby as soon as we were married.  We were super lucky to fall pregnant quickly… Ollie was born in June, 2008.


We moved back to Belfast when Ollie was 3 months and bought our first house.  A short time after, we decided to add to our family.  We fell pregnant quickly but were heartbroken when we lost the baby 5 weeks later.  It took us a long 14 months to get a positive pregnancy test again… and we were happy for a week before our hearts were broken a second time.  It was 3rd time lucky for us when we got pregnant in May 2012 and Nate was born in January 2013.


It has been the 4 of us against the world ever since. ❤

5 thoughts on “My life in (just over) 250 words!

  1. Kara Stone says:

    I am IN LOVE with that third picture. What a sweet family! And I so love the story of your family now. I lived in England for a short time and I miss it like crazy!


  2. Christine says:

    Enjoyed reading your story and well done for telling in such few words yet covering so many parts of your life. Lovely picture of your boys at the end. Was thinking you were very brave to go off to the USA to Au Pair at such a young age. Funnily I too met my husband just a month after returning from my Camp America summer (although I was a older than you 25 I think!).


  3. Venassa says:

    Ollie really is James twin, isn’t he? The first picture of James just confirms it.You have a very cute life story. I love the happy “ending”.


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