For the last couple of days, I have been getting a ton of our old baby stuff ready to sell at a local Mum’s Market on Saturday.  We have SO MUCH stuff that has been collected through having the two boys and it is piled high in our spare (read: clutter) room.  I’ve hung onto so many things that I really don’t need to store.  That is why I’ve made the decision to get RID!  I don’t need this stuff and there is money to be had by getting rid.
We have also been talking about putting Nate into the other room.  I had dreams about my boys sharing, but after a year of them being in the same room… and with Nate getting older and wanting to play with ALL of Ollie’s stuff, I think it’s time Ollie had a play space just for himself.  The way that the spare room looks right now, we can’t even stand in the room let alone make room on the bed for someone to sleep haha!  So Mum’s Market here I come!

I have a lot of work to do… ironing and pricing everything… it feels good to declutter!

Obviously there are items that I won’t ever get rid of.  A little woolen onesie with a star on the front… so tiny and soft and I remember the excitement in my belly when I bought it.  A onesie that comes with a matching hat that says ‘Little Brother’ on the front.  I have Ollie’s coming home from hospital onesie and it is covered in little fish.  There are also some little toys and nick nacks that are small enough to store away.  I might bring them out one day for my grandchildren or something!  Who knows.


It’s hard to describe the feelings I have at the moment… I love to declutter…and I like to make money and some of these things that I am pricing, don’t hold much sentimental value… but others bring back memories… lovely memories of holding both my boys as babies…I remember outings we had as a family in different outfits… toys that were favourites.


The truth is, Nate is not really a baby anymore and Ollie hasn’t been a baby for years.  Nate is a toddler.  He doesn’t even take a bottle anymore… he likes to do things himself, he likes to try everything.  I love that he is growing up, I love seeing him grow and learn and develop, as I do Ollie…. but as I sort through all these baby things, it is a real sharp realisation that that’s it… I won’t have certain little moments ever again… I’m not sad… but there is a pinch, a niggle… I know we’ve made the perfect decision for us in not having anymore children and although it’s the right choice… I catch myself wondering what it might have been like with 3.

I’m sure it’s all normal… the reminiscing… the wondering… even though I am happy with our decision.  I know I am going to miss the baby stage… but I am so excited to see my boys grow and learn even more… the 4 of us against the world.  Also, I’ve got friends having babies very soon so I can get a share of newborn snuggles… 🙂

One thought on “Niggling…

  1. Allison says:

    I am having the hardest time getting rid of Connor’s clothes! He’s almost 2 and we KNOW that we don’t want any more kids. But there is a tiny part of me that feels like it will be too final when the boxes of newborn clothes are gone..


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