After School Football + Growing Teeth

Ollie started after school football on Monday… so exciting!  It runs for 5 weeks, but he is enjoying it so much that I think we will have to find some sort of football club for him to join longer term.

I remember the day that he came home with the consent form… he came running out of school, form in hand, grin on his face screaming “Look mummy!  We can do football at school!”… so I signed him up the next day.

That was before the Easter holidays.  His first day was Monday and he had a blast.  I arrived to collect him 10 minutes before the end so I was able to watch for a little while.  He was wearing his Southampton football kit (there was no way he was gonna wear anything else!) and had on one of those coloured vests, the ones they have so the people know which team they are on and he was running after the ball… I saw him get the ball and start running with it towards the goal, only to get the ball IN the goal!  Amazing… but it was the wrong goal.  The pitch was split in the middle so that P1 kids could use half and  p2 kids used the other half.  He got the ball in the p2’s goal.  Oops!  Still, he gets the point of the game!  When it was over he came over to me and he was muddy and so happy.

He is going to try streetdance in September.  He has seen the guys from Diversity etc doing streetdance on the tv and thinks it’s really cool!  I think he’ll enjoy it!

The thing is… we won’t ever know what sort of activities he enjoys until we try some.  I know for sure I want him to be a part of something (he already goes to Squirrels).  It’s good for him and he is so sociable.

My other little man is growing himself a mouthful of shiny white teeth.  The problem is that they seem to be coming up at quite a pace!  He got his top 4 at the front and 4 at the bottom… and then all of a sudden all 4 of his first molars started coming up.  Those are only just all through but now his incisors are piercing through.  I’m not sure if that’s very fast… or that’s normal.


Nate teethes a lot worse than Ollie does.  Nate gets every symptom going!  My poor little tot gets fevers, bad nappies, bright red cheeks.  He becomes clingy and drowsy (though I soak this up as he isn’t one to climb up for a cuddle very often!).  He fell asleep on me earlier.

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