Swimming + Pirates

I wanted to write about both my boys today…
I took Nate to watertots this morning with some of the girls from my local Sure Start group.  It was the first time Nate has been to the swimming pool.  He thought it was the funniest thing getting into his swimming gear, which looked VERY cute.  Mine on the other hand has not been worn since I got pregnant with Nate… it was a struggle, but I managed to get it on (fingers crossed Slimming World keeps working it’s magic).

image 2

Nate was OK in the water… VERY cautious but curious and excited at the same time.  He kept a tight grip on me.  The one thing that really seems to be a fear for him is getting his head wet… you know, lying backwards in the water… he didn’t like it at all.

image 4

The actual session was really good though.  It was like a playdate but in the water.  We sang songs which made it fun and comfortable for the babies in the water… with actions such as dribbling water on the babies head etc… all to slowly get them used to their surroundings.  He was still very wary even when we left, but he was happy enough and I’m looking forward to going again next week.


Tonight Ollie and James went off to a Pirate Party at Squirrels!  They both went dressed as pirates complete with painted on scar on face and black beard!  I love that Ollie enjoys Squirrels.  It’s the youngest section of Scouts here.  They have a TON of stuff happening throughout the year and from what I can tell, the parents are enthusiastic and proactive.  We didn’t have a babysitter for tonight, or I would have dressed up and gone too.  It was a little difficult for James going by himself with Ollie because he is SERIOUSLY shy, but he manned up and did it anyhow.  The things you do for your children eh? 🙂  Ollie came back from the party full of beans.

image 3

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