Want Me At Your Birth?

I see shows on tv like The Baby Bomb and One Born Every Minute… and it makes me seriously want to be at someone’s labour and birth.  It’s amazing and my heart nearly bursts every time I see a birth on the tv… because I know how amazing a moment it is when you’re baby is just born.  The feeling of relief combined with the love that floods in makes for a moment in your life unlike any other.

My births were both totally different… I don’t remember a lot of Ollie’s because it was traumatic and I went into shock… he was taken to the nursery soon after he was born and I didn’t see him until 5am in the morning.  When I think back on his birth, I only remember the very scary moments and having him on my belly for the briefest second before he was taken to a table to be checked over and then placed in an incubator.

With Nate, the birth went as text book perfect as one could, but still, I don’t remember elements of it.  I remember the moment he was delivered, catching him myself and scooping him up onto my chest (I had a waterbirth).  I remember the pain and feeling like I was dying.  Other than that, I don’t remember a lot.

I would LOVE to have been able to see my births and how it all went.  I wish I remembered every single detail… I wish there were even photos!

I had thought I would like to be a midwife, but I know I wouldn’t be stable enough emotionally to keep it all in check if something went wrong… and judging by the number of births you would be present at, you are bound to have that experience.

I posted about this topic on Facebook and my mum mentioned that I could become a volunteer birth partner for people who are in the position of birthing alone.  I have heard about this before, but not sure if it is done in Belfast.  I’m going to ring this morning and find out.  It would be wonderful… to help someone else but at the same time be lucky enough to be present at such an amazing time!

3 thoughts on “Want Me At Your Birth?

  1. Dawn says:

    I often thought about becoming a midwife or doula, as well. But, I know that once something went wrong, I wouldn’t be able to emotionally handle it either.Sounds like a great opportunity for you if this is something that’s available in your area.


  2. Kath knitty mummy says:

    My friend’s husband had to travel to France around her due date for a funeral, so I was on standby as birthing partner if he was away when she went into labour. As much as I’m glad he didn’t miss the birth of his son, I’m a bit sad I didn’t get to be there.


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