Friday’s Letters on Saturday

Dear Snow, glad you pissed off.  How did it take you so long to realise it’s spring… you had your chance!  Dear Roads… 8 days, 3 hours a day, intense driving course coming up in a few weeks… watch your back!  Dear Nate, you’ve just grown your 3rd BIG tooth!  That’s 11 in total now… good job little man.  You’re also getting really good at walking… so very proud.  Your new first walkers shoes are so grown up!  Dear Ollie, so glad to have you off school for the whole of the next week. I have a ton of fun things planned for us to do!  Dear Lisa, you made my day yesterday!  I appreciate you driving all the way over to see me because we hadn’t seen each other in ages, even though you’re not well!  We need a girls night out again soon!  Dear 365 Project (AKA Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day), LOVING the prompts each day… loving looking back on all the photos I have taken so far this year!  This is one thing I think EVERYONE should join in with.  Dear Friend (you know who you are!), SO pleased and excited by your text today.  I’m so happy for you.  Dear Easter Chocolate, stop glaring at me… we can’t tuck in until tomorrow!  Dear Slimming World, I know… I know… I’ve got my belly back.  I can assure you we are jumping on the wagon after the chocolate is finished 🙂  Dear iPhone 4S, we only have 3 more months together before I can get an upgrade and an iPhone 5 comes into my life… let’s enjoy this time while we have it.  Dear Hubby, so glad you’re able to spend a few days with us.  Family days are the best.  The boys are totally enjoying having you here too!  Dear Mum, Thank you to you and Harry in advance for having the boys overnight tonight.  You’re such an awesome Grandma and I’m lucky to have you and Harry.  You really do a ton for us.


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